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Article: Copper pillows? 2024 bathroom & bedroom wellness ideas

Copper pillows? 2024 bathroom & bedroom wellness ideas
copper pillow

Copper pillows? 2024 bathroom & bedroom wellness ideas

Does your bedroom or bathroom leave you feeling relaxed?

If not, you're not alone. A recent study shows that 64% of homeowners are interested in incorporating wellness features into their homes, and many struggle to know where to start.

This article dives into the best ways to incorporate a sense of wellness into your bedroom and bathroom. You’ll get plenty of ideas for how to give your home an upgrade that's both stylish and soothing.

We’ll look at:

  • Sustainability
  • Spa-inspired bathrooms
  • Innovative materials
  • Technology


Embrace sustainability with recycled blankets and more

When incorporating wellness into your bedroom and bathroom, look for eco-friendly elements that allow you to create a stylish haven while minimising your environmental impact for that ‘feel good’ factor.

  • Install water conservation measures: Building-in features such as low-flow showerheads, faucets and toilets significantly reduce the amount of water your family and houseguests use.

  • Use biodegradable toiletries: Biodegradable soap is a great option for the eco-conscious homeowner. These soaps come in Oxo-biodegradable tubes that reduce their environmental impact after use.

By making this simple switch, you can contribute to a healthier planet while pampering yourself.

​​Eco Recycled Blanket Slate Grey Herringbone

They boast a texture as gentle as wool, ensuring both softness and sustainability.

Create a spa-inspired bathroom inspired by nature

This year, the bathroom continues its transformation into a personal spa sanctuary.  You can curate wellness in 2024 by focusing on creating a calming atmosphere that invites you to unwind and recharge.

  • Embrace calming colours & natural elements: Opt for natural materials like stone for countertops, flooring, or even wall accents. Wood elements can also add warmth. 

With your bathroom’s colour, choose calming and serene tones. Think light greys, beiges, or even light blues or greens. These colours promote relaxation and mimic the tranquillity of nature often found in spas.

  • Prioritise a luxurious shower experience: A spa-like experience is incomplete without a luxurious shower. Consider installing a walk-in shower with rainfall showerheads and multiple body jets for an immersive experience. 

If space allows, a freestanding bathtub can be the ultimate indulgence, perfect for soaking away stress.

  • Incorporate spa essentials and sensory touches: Elevate your bathroom experience by incorporating spa essentials like plush towels, luxurious bathrobes, and scented candles.

Diffusers with calming essential oils like lavender or chamomile can further enhance the spa atmosphere.


Invest in innovative bedding materials like copper pillows

In 2024, your bedding can help you create a cosy and sleep-promoting environment that allows you to unwind and recharge.

  • Layering for comfort and style: Texture plays a key role in creating a warm and inviting atmosphere. Layer throws and pillows on your bed to add visual interest and provide extra comfort. 

Use a variety of textures, such as faux fur, chenille, and knitted fabrics, to create a layered look. This approach improves aesthetics and allows you to adjust the level of warmth throughout the year.

  • Embrace natural materials: Natural materials like linen bedding are a popular choice for the bedroom in 2024. Linen is breathable, temperature-regulating, and known for its soft, yet durable qualities. 

This eco-friendly option not only feels luxurious but is also good for your skin and the environment.  Linen sheets are naturally biodegradable, minimising waste at the end of their lifespan.

Copper Pillow

Copper-infused pillows represent an interesting innovation in the pursuit of a better night's sleep.

Incorporate technology for an easy morning & night routine

For those who crave a touch of the future, technology can be seamlessly integrated into your bedroom and bathroom for added convenience and control.

  • Smart lighting for mood and automation: Install smart lights that you can control with your voice or phone app. This allows you to adjust the brightness and colour temperature to create different moods, perfect for winding down for sleep or having an energising morning routine.
  • Use voice assistants: Integrate a voice-controlled assistant like Amazon Echo or Google Home in your bedroom and/or bathroom. 

This allows you to control various functions hands-free, like playing calming music before bed, adjusting the thermostat for a warm soak, or setting alarms without having to fumble for your phone.

  • Consider smart bathroom features: 
    • Smart toilets with heated seats, bidet functionality, and automatic flushing for added comfort and hygiene. 
    • Smart showers with customisable water temperature and pressure settings for a personalised spa-like experience.
    • Smart mirrors that display weather or news updates, or even analyse your skin health (availability and effectiveness may vary).

Ready to Create Your Dream Bedroom & Bathroom Retreat?

Whether you're drawn to the serenity of a spa-inspired bathroom or the cosy comfort of a naturally-minded bedroom, Lofthouse Linen has everything you need to bring wellness to your space.

From luxurious, eco-friendly linen bedding to plush towels and stylish throws, we offer beautiful, high-quality products that are kind to both you and the environment.

Browse our bedroom collection here.

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