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CleanRest Pro Encasement

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The CleanRest PRO Max Mattress Encasements – your solution for maintaining the pristine condition and comfort of your mattress. Defend against spills, incontinence, dust mites, and bed bugs, while enjoying unparalleled breathability and protection.

Our MicronOne waterproof sleep surface fabric sets us apart by solving a common issue: a hot, uncomfortable sleep experience. Unlike other waterproof encasements, our MicronOne fabric is proven to be over 2x more breathable, ensuring cooler nights for your guests.

Innovative sidewalls on the head and foot of the bed allow warmed air to escape, preventing the discomfort of a "hot bed." We stand against laminating all sides with a non-breathable membrane that traps heat – a unique feature that enhances guest comfort.

Experience the ultimate in zipper security with our patented Zip-N-Click enclosure, blocking bed bugs and accidental openings. Unlike cumbersome zip-ties or unreliable Velcro flaps, Zip-N-Click offers unmatched security and ease of use, confirmed by lab testing.

Maximum Protection is ensured with our MicronOne Patented Waterproofing on all four sides, safeguarding against allergens, spills, bed bugs, bacteria, and more. Enjoy a healthier, cleaner sleep environment for both you and your guests.

Cooler and quieter nights are guaranteed with our enhanced breathability – lab-tested for 140% better sleep surface airflow than other brands. Guests can rest easy in dry, cool comfort.

Choose our CleanRest PRO Max Mattress Encasements for a worry-free sleep experience. Backed by a 10-Year Warranty, our encasements are noiseless, chemical-free, and have passed CDC's Level 4 Test for Personal Protective Equipment. Elevate your sleep environment with confidence.

CleanRest Pro Encasement
CleanRest Pro Encasement Sale price£35.86



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